Jorja Smith is of Course Making it, No Doubt

Normally, I listen to Jorja Smith when I need to maintain a chilled vibe or need abit of background music when spilling tea with my girls. But surprisingly, with her latest track, On My Mind, with Preditah, it looks like I will be clubbing to her gorgeous voice.

The track has Smith sharing her relatable thoughts of leaving someone and wanting to forget. The combination of the hallucinating synch, the upbeat tempo and garage feel to it, makes the track almost impossible to dwell on relationship problems and instead, makes you want to dance away your sorrows.

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For those who may not know, Preditah is the architect behind the famous track Feed Em To The Lions aswell as Selecta which takes sample from Craig David’s classic, Selecta. Not impressed? Well, back in 2015 he was also Sketpa’s tour DJ. I suggest you check the Brummie out.

Jorja Smith is of course making it, no doubt. From opening for Nao to having Drake guest at one of her shows, this young lady is going places. Smith is currently on tour across the pond and will be opening for the one and only, Bruno Mars. Although she is missed here in the UK, we love that she is representing the up and coming talent artists on the scene. Click here for more……

Abra Cadabra has Returned With His New Solo Effort, Art Of War, and the Internet is Going Crazy Over It

One of UK Rap’s biggest prospects, Abra Cadabra has returned with his new solo effort, Art Of War, and the internet is going crazy over it.

The flow and coarse voice that everyone has become so familiar with is still as great as ever. Abra Cadabra is still pumping out UK drill rap tunes and it almost feels like a grimey war dub from how aggressive he is on the track, I feel sorry for anyone this might be directed at.

This tune is great to pump out in the whip, but I would be careful when playing this in a rave, as I’m pretty sure this would turn any London nightclub into a zoo. The hook would get any crowd hyped, especially as the lyrics are easy to scream at the top of your lungs.

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Mktheplug and BDK aren’t producers I’ve particularly heard of before, but they clearly know what they are doing in the UK Drill genre. The bells in the background sounds like the Undertaker theme tune, and this makes the whole track sound menacing. Load more……

Watch Out for the Thomas the Tank Engine Exclusives

Probably the largest selection of wooden toy trains and railways in the world, including Thomas the Tank Engine and friends from Learning Curve and the original BRIO wooden railway, as well as our own Direct to Your Door brand, all designed to be compatable for easy layout building.

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Rich Chigga shook the music world in 2016 with Dat $tick

It doesn’t happen often. But every now and then, an independent artist makes a song and a video undeniable enough to become an international sensation.

Rich Chigga shook the music world in 2016 with Dat $tick, a trap rap and searing video that opened eyes and ears on both sides of the Pacific, and the teenaged emcee shot to Internet stardom. Part of the reason for the fuss was Rich Chigga’s nationality: there just aren’t that many Indonesian rappers with devoted followings in America.

Nothing gimmicky, though, not even a little bit. Rich Chigga’s production, lyrics, and, most importantly, flow marked him as the genuine article. Here was a kid raised on hip-hop and trap music, and who loved the form enough to be inspired to make some himself. Hip-hop aficionados recognized Dat $tick as an indispensable record.

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There’s a (slightly) softer side to Rich Chigga, too, and it’s on display on Glow Like Dat, his latest release. Dedicated to a former girlfriend and graced with a mellow, ruminative chorus, Glow Like Dat takes the magic of Dat $tick in an unexpected direction. In so doing, Rich Chigga demonstrates that he’s a multidimensional writer and vocalist, and one with enough depth to far outpace the typical YouTube sensations.

And the dedicated audience that he’s built is right there with him as he evolves: the Glow Like Dat clip was viewed more than four million times in the first seventy two hours since it’s been uploaded to the Web. This autumn, Rich Chigga will headline his first national tour: 31 dates, including concerts in major venues in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. His momentum is unstoppable.

You need to get on board with Rich Chigga before the bullet train of Brian and his crew take over this world.

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Jeremy Browne Launches Initiative to Help Families of Murder Victims Abroad

Jeremy Browne Launches Initiative to Help Families of Murder Victims Abroad

As Minister responsible for Consular Affairs, Taunton Deane MP Jeremy Browne launched a new Foreign Office initiative to provide support and assistance for families of people who have been murdered overseas. Nearly 6,000 British nationals die abroad each year and around 60 of those are the victims of a murder or manslaughter.

The Foreign Office is working in partnership with the Victim Support National Homicide Service to ensure that families get the practical support they need to deal with the added trauma, complications and costs when a relative is murdered abroad.

To help families cover the exceptional and additional costs if a murder occurs overseas, the Foreign Office is providing a £100,000 annual grant to Victim Support to commission services on behalf of bereaved families.

This will enable them to expand the range of services they can provide to bereaved families such as travel costs, translation and interpreting services and repatriation costs.

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Jeremy Browne said:

“Dealing with the death of a family member who has been murdered abroad is an extremely traumatic experience. I have met the families of victims and decided that the government should improve its service to help people in these terrible circumstances.

“I am pleased that we are now providing more practical and emotional support for families bereaved by a murder abroad and are working closely with the Victim Support’s National Homicide Service to improve the assistance available.” Visit for more……

Best Places for Summer Holidays

The best places for summer holidays are made with the memories you’re willing to create from these places. There are tons of tourist destinations out these you could try but these following places stood out the most. Each place has something to offer for any type of traveler.

South Korea
If you’re into visiting a place for cultural immersion, consider traveling to the wondrous city of Seoul. Though the country hasn’t innovated into a modern landscape, there are still places of that hold traditions strongly. You can visit several temples or travel around the Hanok neighborhood.

The Hanok neighborhood features a string of houses that can bring the observer backward in time for their historical architectural value. Everything in the neighborhood can give you a peek into what it looked like in the past. If strolling in broad daylight doesn’t suit your travel style, there’s always the option of enjoying Seoul’s famous nightlife.

Bucharest, Romania
Take the city’s atmosphere and architectural beauty as your herald for a great adventure to come. This place has so many tourist spots to explore and local stories to share. Bucharest has much to offer beyond the beautiful landscape of the city. Even in the modern era, each turn can remind you of the old Romanian culture this place etched in the locals.

If the crystal blue sea is not enough to convince you to visit, Sardinia has much more to offer than the wonders of Costa Smeralda. Believe it or not, the scenic views are only part of what makes this place feel like a slice of paradise. The seafood and local cuisine are something to look forward to. You can take a stroll and enjoy the sights of mixed cultural influences of the place.

If you’re a fan of historical architectural sites, no place in the world like Malta. This place boasts the densest tourist sites based on architectural value. The nearby clear blue sea will also be something to look forward to on your to visit list here. There are several diving spots in this location and several visual reminders of historical art will always be around every corner.

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The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico City
Be drawn into the scenic view of the peninsula’s mysterious pyramids. The Mayan ruins are something to behold. It can be a long climb to the top but a worthwhile experience as soon as you get a glimpse of the entire place on this heritage site.

Aysen, Chile
Hate the wave of crowds ruining your date with the place? Well, you can enjoy this sparsely visited tourist destination in South America. No picture can bring justice to the place better than witnessing for yourself how this place seems like it takes you to another world. Mother Nature definitely placed her favor here. The vast glaciers viewed from afar and the small number of tourists visiting the place makes it a travel destination worth considering on your list.…