One of UK Rap’s biggest prospects, Abra Cadabra has returned with his new solo effort, Art Of War, and the internet is going crazy over it.

The flow and coarse voice that everyone has become so familiar with is still as great as ever. Abra Cadabra is still pumping out UK drill rap tunes and it almost feels like a grimey war dub from how aggressive he is on the track, I feel sorry for anyone this might be directed at.

This tune is great to pump out in the whip, but I would be careful when playing this in a rave, as I’m pretty sure this would turn any London nightclub into a zoo. The hook would get any crowd hyped, especially as the lyrics are easy to scream at the top of your lungs.

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Mktheplug and BDK aren’t producers I’ve particularly heard of before, but they clearly know what they are doing in the UK Drill genre. The bells in the background sounds like the Undertaker theme tune, and this makes the whole track sound menacing. Load more