Normally, I listen to Jorja Smith when I need to maintain a chilled vibe or need abit of background music when spilling tea with my girls. But surprisingly, with her latest track, On My Mind, with Preditah, it looks like I will be clubbing to her gorgeous voice.

The track has Smith sharing her relatable thoughts of leaving someone and wanting to forget. The combination of the hallucinating synch, the upbeat tempo and garage feel to it, makes the track almost impossible to dwell on relationship problems and instead, makes you want to dance away your sorrows.

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For those who may not know, Preditah is the architect behind the famous track Feed Em To The Lions aswell as Selecta which takes sample from Craig David’s classic, Selecta. Not impressed? Well, back in 2015 he was also Sketpa’s tour DJ. I suggest you check the Brummie out.

Jorja Smith is of course making it, no doubt. From opening for Nao to having Drake guest at one of her shows, this young lady is going places. Smith is currently on tour across the pond and will be opening for the one and only, Bruno Mars. Although she is missed here in the UK, we love that she is representing the up and coming talent artists on the scene. Click here for more